Designed and made in Australia, solar strip pool heating is one of the most reliable and energy efficient pool heating options. This system consists of a series of soft PV Rubber strips that is installed on your roof. Water is then drawn down from the pool and pumped back up onto the roof through the tubing. As the pool water circulates, it is heated by free energy from the sun before returning to the pool at a higher temperature. The temperature is pre-set by the pool owner via an automatic digital controller. This product is very flexible and can be easily customised to suit any roof space, which makes it an ideal choice for difficult roof spaces. It is an efficient, reliable and cost-effective pool heating option especially for the energy conscious minds.

We use Boss Rubber from Melbourne which is the largest manufacturer of strip solar heating, supplying over 50% of the market and has been made in Australia for over 40 years.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Solar Matting System involves pumping pool water through a series of tubes within a panel, known as a solar collector. These panels are positioned on the roof where they can best collect sunlight. The suns free energy then heats the circulating water and returns it to the pool at an elevated temperature. This temperature is pre-set by the pool owner via an automatic digital controller.

Benefits of Solar Matting

  • Lower running costs and higher efficiency using the sun’s free solar energy

  • Durability and long life with no internal wiring, controls, circuits or moving parts solar pool heating is highly durable

  • Easy to operate and highly effective

  • Solar Pool Heating is substantial investment with over 90% of people opting to invest again as this system enables them to enjoy their swimming pool for a longer period each year

  • Most pools are only used for less than 3 months of the year in the peak of summer and then only during the day. With solar heating you can double your swimming season and enjoy your pool twice as much for a small portion of the cost of your pool.

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