There are four options for heating your home swimming pool that we specialise in.

  1. Solar Pool Heating 

Our solar strip matting is mainly manufactured in Australia using high quality Australian Standards that are UV resistant. Cold water is pumped from your pool through solar absorbers, onto the hot roof where it collects the heat and then returns it to the pool. This system is simple, yet effective with low running costs to allow for longer swimming time and is suitable for most homes.

  1. Rigid Panel System 

This system works on the same principle as solar matting, which is installed on the roof with pool water transferred to the pool by a separate pump and run by a solar controller. Rigid panels are a rectangular modular panel design, connected to each other using heavy duty unions. For panel efficiency, they require 80% of the roof area. They are ideal for steep pitched roof and high wind locations.

  1. Electric Pool Heating 

Electric heat pumps are effective in extending your swim season without relying on the sun’s energy and they are extremely resistant in our warm climate. With their low running cost and simple installation process, they are very efficient in working with smaller and/or plunge pools. A touch keypad is used to monitor the temperature and some current models can be Wi-Fi monitored and controlled from your preferred device.

We have a great range of pool heat pumps, including the new Madimack Summer Eco and Madimack Elite Silent Series.

  1. Gas Pool Heating 

This has the fastest heat up time of any of our heating systems and is ideal for hydrotherapy, swimming training or if you just want to enjoy your pool 12 months of the year.

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