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Extend your pool heating from 6-month to 12-month usage; get in contact with us TODAY!  We can make your cool water temperature feel delightful all year round! Pool Heating Solutions WA has been in the industry for over 30 years, with a strong and reliable reputation for providing the best solution and service to heat up your pool.


There are four different types of pool heating that we specialise in:

We are the proud agent of Madimack in Western Australia with our values and work ethic aligning with a great product and believe they offer the most effective and reliable pool heat pumps around. This product is built for the Australian climate, ranging from 9kw up to 28kw for residential heat pumps. Should you have a different manufacturer in mind, we are happy to discuss and source if required.

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Allow us to advise on the best solution according to your location, pool size and type and budget.

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Electric Pool Heating

Heat Pumps are a cost effective and energy-efficient option for heating your pool all year round! When things cool down, a heat pump is a great option to keep your pool warmer harnessing the energy to heat the air and your pool. Our experience in the swimming pool industry throughout WA sets us apart from others. Heat Pumps need electricity to operate and we can connect this to your existing plug in point or adjust the electrics to suit depending on your heat pump size. They are not dependant on direct sunlight and therefore will heat your pool throughout winter. Electric heat pumps are effective in extending your swim season without relying on the sun’s energy and they are extremely resistant in our warm climate. With their low running cost and simple installation process, they are very efficient in working with smaller and/or plunge pools. A touch keypad is used to monitor the temperature and some current models can be Wi-Fi monitored and controlled from your preferred device.

Solar Pool Heating

As one of the largest solar matting installers in WA, we complete over 200 solar matting systems per year!

We pride ourselves on using the best product available, Boss Rubber solar strip matting which is manufactured in Australia and is UV resistant. How does solar pool heating work? Cold water is collected from your pool through solar absorbers and pumped up onto the hot roof where it collects the heat and then returns it to the pool. This system is simple, yet effective with low running costs to allow for longer swimming time and is suitable for most roofs. This system not only has a low carbon footprint and initial set up cost, but will also satisfy most pool owners with its simplistic design and near zero maintenance costs, low running costs and its ability to dramatically increase your swimming season by up to six months. Relax, with a modern system and enjoy the benefits of having a warm pool through summer.

Gas Pool Heating

Gas pool heaters are an extremely fast and efficient pool heating option! Due to their quick warm-up times and easy installation process, they are great for spas and small pools. They have the fastest heat up time of any of our heating systems and are also ideal for hydrotherapy, swimming training or if you just want to enjoy your pool 12 months of the year. Gas heaters burn natural gases, the pump draws the water in through a filter to the heater system and the water is then heated and circulated back into the pool. Some benefits include; simple and quiet operation, environmentally friendly, fast heat-up times, durable and long lasting. If you need high-performance heating to rapidly warm your swimming pool or spa, then a gas heater may be perfect for you!

Why Choose Pool Heating Solutions WA?

James was extremely helpful on first contact & the whole process was made easy. The quality & finish of installation was excellent & pricing was very fair compared with other companies. All in all no hesitation recommending pool heating solutions.

Simon Moore

Great company to deal with! Super responsive, reasonably priced, know their stuff, and most importantly for me they take pride in the quality of their work rather than rushing through a job. My install was super neat and well thought out. Thanks James!

Nick Jones

Just had solar heating installed. Team were all great work with, fast and reliable. Now enjoying our pool before summer hits!

Sarah Hubber

Couldn’t be happier with Pool Heating Solutions WA. I sent off an enquiry on a Saturday and James came around on the Sunday to provide a solution and price. Within 4 weeks the heating was installed and working perfectly. I would highly recommend Pool Heating Solutions WA.

Ben Bassett

Thanks James for all your efforts and help to rectify a previous bad decision of mine to utilize another provider. Your service combined with the new Madimack unit has bought about the best result.

Tim Gill
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