Commercial Pool Heating

The team at Pool Heating Solutions WA are experienced in the development of commercial pool heating projects and understand that gaining a comfortable temperature is pivotal for all high-use swimming pools. We will work with you, to guide and assist with the ‘project management’ of your pool heating plan to achieve the desired outcome.

Some of our commercial work below:

  • Samphire Resort – Rottnest Island

Working as a contractor with Ocean Blu Pools here to supplied and installed premium heating system for the Samphire Rottnest. Two systems of Boss Rubber Solar Matting were installed over two pools for Perth’s luxury destination, 68sqm on the main pool and 32sqm on for the smaller pool. Each system runs independently with its own pump and controller to deliver the desired temperature.

  • Calleya Clubhouse Retirement Apartments, Treeby

Working as a contractor we supplied and installed 44sqm of Boss Rubber PVC Nitrile Solar Matting including a new solar controller, sensors and solar pump.

  • Belswan Lifestyle Villages, Pinjarra

Removal of the old, damaged matting material from two roof areas. Redesign and new installation to one roof area only, with 60sqm Boss Rubber PVC Nitrile Solar Matting. This has made the system both more efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Monterey Apartments, Mandurah

Removal of the oldm damage matting material to waste. Reinstallation of 100sqm of new Boss Rubber PVC Nitrile Solar Matting, new black pipework, manifold lines and new solar controller.

  • Proximity Apartments, Rivervale

Installation of 28sqm Boss Rubber PVC Nitrile Solar Matting. We core-drilled into the pump room to feed pipework through and take it up to the external roof. Pipe cover was used to blend in with the external wall and visibility of the building making the system more visibily attractive.

  • Rocky Bay, Mosman Park

Rocky bay is the leading provider of services for all those living with a disability throughout WA., here we were contracted to assist with heating of the Hydrotherapy Pool. The pool was previously run with an unreliable and expensive gas heating system that needed regular maintenance. We removed the old system and installed a new 60kw Madimack eElite Max Heat Pump and additional pump. Following the install the pool temperature increased from 20.5 degrees celsius to 35 degrees celsius within 48 hours. This has made the pool ideal for rehabilitation, therapy and leisure activities and therefore provides pain relief for patients as well as a relaxing experience for both exercise and functional improvement. We are very satisfied we could give back to the community and contribute to such an amazing and necessary service.

  • St Brigids College, Lesmurdie

Project management in conjunction with Madimack to remove a 20-year-old system and install a new 110kw Madimack Elite Max Heat Pump to service two indoor pools with 800,000L of water between them. We assisted with all electrical management, crane hire, delivery and additional work to complete the project.

  • The Parisian Apartments, Subiaco

To remove existing heat pump and install a new 26kw Madimack Eclipse top discharge heat pump. We also modified the existing flue and ducting system to commission the heat pump, electrical conversion and works.