Heliocol Solar Pool Heating

Are you tired of the cost and inefficiency of traditional pool heating methods? Dive into a smarter, more sustainable solution with Heliocol Solar Pool Heating, proudly distributed across Western Australia by Pool Heating Solutions WA. Say hello to warmer waters and goodbye to high energy bills!

Why Heliocol?

Heliocol has been providing solar heating solutions to Aussies and 50 countries around the globe for four decades. Made from polypropylene that’s both weather and vermin resistant, the Heliocol system harnesses the sun’s heating power with unrivalled efficiency and ground-breaking technology to keep your costs down and your swimming season longer.

  • Harness the Power of the Sun: With Heliocol, you can tap into the abundant energy of the sun to heat your pool naturally. Say goodbye to fossil fuels and hello to clean, renewable energy.

  • Efficient & Cost-Effective: Heliocol Solar Pool Heating systems are designed for maximum efficiency, helping you save money on heating costs while reducing your carbon footprint. Enjoy a warm pool without breaking the bank.

  • Extended Swimming Season: Don’t let cooler temperatures limit your pool time. With Heliocol, you can extend your swimming season and make the most of your investment in outdoor recreation.

  • Durable & Reliable: Built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, Heliocol Solar Pool Heating systems are durable, reliable, and backed by industry-leading warranties. Enjoy years of worry-free swimming comfort.

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Why Choose Pool Heating Solutions WA?

James was extremely helpful on first contact & the whole process was made easy. The quality & finish of installation was excellent & pricing was very fair compared with other companies. All in all no hesitation recommending pool heating solutions.

Simon Moore

Great company to deal with! Super responsive, reasonably priced, know their stuff, and most importantly for me they take pride in the quality of their work rather than rushing through a job. My install was super neat and well thought out. Thanks James!

Nick Jones

Just had solar heating installed. Team were all great work with, fast and reliable. Now enjoying our pool before summer hits!

Sarah Hubber

Couldn’t be happier with Pool Heating Solutions WA. I sent off an enquiry on a Saturday and James came around on the Sunday to provide a solution and price. Within 4 weeks the heating was installed and working perfectly. I would highly recommend Pool Heating Solutions WA.

Ben Bassett

Thanks James for all your efforts and help to rectify a previous bad decision of mine to utilize another provider. Your service combined with the new Madimack unit has bought about the best result.

Tim Gill