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Pool Heating Solutions WA offers a wide range of pool blankets, covers, and rollers.

Thermal Blanket Pool Covers

We stock a range of pool blankets that act as collectors of energy. The Elite Triple Cell blanket in particular provides all round insulating performance as well as protection from chlorine attacks and harmful UV rays.  On average, 75% of a pools heat loss is caused by evaporation. This can be completely avoided by installing a pool blanket.

The benefits of a pool blanket

  1. Pool heating temperature gain – which reduces the dependancy on your pool heating system.
  2. Reduce water evaporation and therefore reduces the amount of water that is needed to refill the pool.
  3. Reduce cleaning time by keeping leaves and other dirt out of the pool

Pool Blanket Rollers

We supply blanket rollers that are not only affordable, but are high quality. We want the rollers to last as long as the pool heating system does! We have a wide range of rollers that will accommodate everyone’s needs. If you need a mobile roller, a stationary roller or even a roller that helps with storage, Pool Heating Solutions have got a product for you.

Do you need a pool blanket roller?

There are a few major benefits to having a pool blanket roller.

  1. You need to put the pool blanket on after using the pool each time – so, having a roller that helps the ease of using the blanket is a necessity.
  2. Reduce wear and tear – applying pool blankets without a roller takes longer, and over the long term will cause general wear and tear.
  3. Reduce storage space – Neatly and efficiently packing the blanket in a roller, as opposed to folded.
  4. Add to aesthetics of the pool area – If the blanket is folded in the pool area, it takes away from the pool area as a whole, a roller is a simple and clean look.
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