With any outdoor fixture, it can be subjected to all kinds of weather occurrences.
Who can forget the major hailstorm in Perth a few years ago that caused so much damage.?
When you consider, the average lifespan of a pool solar system is ten to fifteen years, then look at the seasonal changes from heat, cold rain and wind, that the system is subjected to, its little wonder that insurers are called upon to assess damage on occasions.
Pool Heating Solutions can arrange to visit a property to assess damage, either with instructions from the insurance company or the client insured.
This process involves getting on the structure to visibly check, take photographs for reference and write a report. This comprehensive report details the type of damage, the probable cause and the steps to rectify the issue by either repairing or replacing the damaged product.
This report is backed up by photographic evidence as well.
There are also many cases of power surges and lightning strikes on electronic equipment, pool pumps, chlorinators and solar controllers.
Any damage is assessed, checked by qualified people and reported on in the same way. All action is pending insurance company approval.
Contact us today to arrange your pool insurance assessment.