Pool Construction Consultation Advice

The construction of a pool can be a daunting task, with the choice of pool equipment inundating. Often Pool Builders are just that, they build pools and heating specialists do just that, advise on the most efficient type of pool heating for your particular needs.

At Pool Heating Solutions WA, we can supply all the necessary information, provide a specialised quote to undertake the heating part of your install whether you decide to go for solar, gas or an electric heat pump.

When answering client questions regarding pool heating, particularly solar, clients often note that heating pipes are installed already. This is usually ok, if they are installed at the house or shed, close to where the roof matting is to be installed. In a lot of circumstances, this is not the case and either paving or liquid limestone has been laid which therefore makes it difficult or sometimes impossible to install solar. So it is wise to consider installing heating at the the time the yard is not yet re-established.

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