Aquaculture is the farming of fish, crustaceans, aquatic plants, algae and other aquatic organisms. It involves the cultivating of freshwater and saltwater species under controlled conditions.

This includes water temperature control, which can be critical to the survival of many species. Heat Pumps are designed to monitor and control water temperature to half a degree and are ideally suited to this industry.

Pool Heating Solutions WA can ensure:

  • The correct analysis of your needs offering advice on the most suitable, cost efficient systems available for a single small application, multiple pools or larger bodies of water
  • 24/7 controlled water temperature at competitive rates
  • Recommended and locally supplied units to give you peace of mind regarding sales service, parts and warranty
  • A fully qualified electrician who is experienced in aquaculture that will be involved from start to finish.

Aquaculture Heat Pumps

Pool Heating Solutions supply a range of heat pumps that are specifically used for Aquaculture purposes.

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